Where have I’ve been?

Okay, I’ve been gone for awhile and yes, I admit I have been a bit lazy with it! Sorry!

Not much has really happened, I guess that’s all I can update you on to this day 

But for now BYE XX


What have I been up to recently?

Okay, I know you haven’t heard from me for awhile- and that is because I have been struggling recently with my Miso and Aspergers. Due to this I have really struggled attending school and because of this have missed a lot of school!! And I am slowly being re-introduced to this. And my Misophonia has been very bad and I have been very stressed. I will update my things that can help page, as I find some old stuff, and have been very busy digging through them and have found my old strategies so I will hopefully update soon xxx


Theory 2) Music

Recently I started a new roll of posts about the different theories that are suppose to help you with your Misophonia, and as I have mentioned- NONE OF THEM HAVE WORKED! So for the first post I was telling you about the Tinnitus Retraining therapy/sound generators….. So I’m going to tell you about something I was suppose to do whilst using the sound generators- and yet again failed to work.
The idea was that during the night- while I go to sleep, and for an additionally 40, I repeat 40 minutes I was suppose to listen to music……RUBBISH
I have abosolutly no idea the concept behind it, whether I was suppose to think about it when the triggers came and I got stressed or something else but I can guarantee that it proberbly won’t work….. and here’s why:
When you have Misophonia often the statement
“Think about something else”
Doesn’t seem to work and the sound can go round and round and round in your head and it can sometimes be IMPOSSIBLE to get the sound out of your head. So as you proberbly guessed trying to think about music is almost IMPOSSIBLE and won’t help….. So that is PART 3 DONE FOR THE DAY XX


Sound generators/ Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Sound generators are used mostly for people with tinnitus, but recently studies have shown that they C
CAN (In caps because not always) work for people with Misophonia. And these bad boys look like this:

They’re actual formal name is


For lots of people these have helped as they play a white noise (soft noise) this is suppose to block the trigger but make you still able to hear people, but strangely these never seemed to work for me so after about 5 months I gave up on them as they weren’t helping and people were asking me if I was deaf (but obviously quite the opposite) So you can gain these from an audiologist, of course they have to bring someone in to fit them. I would say these are worth a try and they may work or may not, I guess it’s up to you to find out

End of post 1 of Things to help your Misophonia x

Sorry about the picture not showing up I’ve only realized until I can get it to work Google:


Thanks again x



I just wanted to say thanks for some comments left by people it’s really good to hear from so many people, and also if anybody has any questions they want or need answering in particular coping strategies as myself have tried many and have yet failed to find one that work for me so just to sum up any questions are most welcome 
Thanks x
Also I have updated my blog, I do this ever so often it makes me a bit of a hypocrite because I don’t like change yet I cannot understand the same old same old


Long time, No see, New trigger

So recently as new triggers have left with some hard work, new ones have come, now this is new to me, anybody else the same. One which has left has been replaced by scratching. Does anybody else know how and why this s happening and has it ever happened to you. Knowing this I think would really help me. 

Thanks see you soon hopefully 



How I’m feeling right now?? Rubbish!!!!

ImageThos Smiley means is my signal for me feeling down ad angry, this means I’m about to have a moan to you and let off steam, so beware. If your not in the mood for being a moanie I would leave this post for another day when your not feeling rubbish like me!!!

Sometimes I feel like no-one understands. Even in this room, someone is typing and clicking on the computer 

Can you stop typing and clicking?

I shouted this out of frustration!!!!!! My response?

I’m not doing anything. If you can’t stand it go to the other room. See your typing

When I get frustrated it feel like the world cannot understand what I’m feeling and going through. I know it’s hard for them to understand and they struggle, but I just get so frustrated. Someone else in the room is breathing loudly which is also really getting me down. I can get in trouble for yelling at people, I know it’s unreasonable but sometimes I feel like the whole world is against me!!!! 

Does anyone else feel like this please comment if so….. It would really help me to understand that other people go through this hard unfair life like me…. I know you think I’m moaning so I will go now x